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About Saffron & Blue

Saffron & Blue is the creation and holiday home of Ranil de Silva; an Ad man who has directed his creative energy into the project by painstakingly selecting the furniture, art, and everything in-between – to compliment the villa’s architecture and setting. This delightful four-bedroom villa in Sri Lanka is all about spaces and moods and places and hues, with a mix of bright, sunny areas and cool, secluded nooks and crannies.

Fabrics from Jim Thompson of Thailand are predominant, interspersed with sustainable handlooms from Sri Lanka’s very own Barbara Sansoni and specially sourced cactus silks from Morocco. Most of the furniture is of Sri Lankan origin and includes a collection of rare antiques, as well as many other bespoke pieces made from teak, mahogany and jack wood. The villa is also home to a tasteful gallery of art by known Sri Lankan artists, as well as lesser-known painters from India, Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

You will be warmly looked after at Saffron & Blue by Rajeewa and Kumudu, who pride themselves in making every guest feel as welcome as one of the owner’s closest friends.  Along with chef Chamith, this charming duo take care of everything from serving meals and drinks throughout the day, to keeping the villa and grounds pristine, to organising cars or tuk-tuks for sightseeing trips.

Arrive at sunset and enjoy the spectacle of the vibrant skies reflected in the swimming pool. Unwind with a pre-dinner drink, then sit down to a hearty meal. Play your favourite music, watch a movie, or simply gaze up at the stars. Next morning, enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool or a walk along the beach. Tuck into a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast of string hoppers and roti, then spend the rest of the morning exploring the nearby village. Enjoy a late lunch of rice and curry like the locals, or simply settle for a sandwich or a bowl of pasta – followed by a mandatory siesta! Wake up and start all over again.

Everything at Saffron & Blue reflects great taste. But at the end of the day, it’s the small, personal touches that make this home truly special – and the generosity of an owner who proclaims mi casa es tu casa.

Saffron and Blue - Villa Details
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