Saffron and Blue - Local cuisine


At Saffron & Blue food is taken very seriously. That’s because the owner hails from a family renowned for their food. So, what you eat and how much you enjoy it, is considered to be a very important aspect of your villa stay. Plan your daily menus with Chamith, the villa’s resident chef, who has been impeccably trained under the watchful eye of celebrity gastronome, Koluu. No stay is complete without sampling freshly caught seafood (including cuttlefish, prawns, succulent crabs), the luscious array of tropical fruits and vegetables, or roast paan, a crusty Sri Lankan bread. Chamith is trained to produce meals that suit each and every palette and will ensure that spice levels are to your preference and that children are kept happy with their favourite dishes. You will have the choice of purchasing groceries yourself at local markets and asking the chef to prepare meals, or providing grocery money to the chef, who will do the purchasing on your behalf. You are also welcome to make use of the kitchen if you enjoy doing your own cooking

Saffron and Blue - Great breakfast
Saffron and Blue - Unique dining experience
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